Reverse Logistics

Products and sub-­systems which have reached obsolescence or end-­of-­life continue to hold inherent value. Pakkett has the experience and skills to recover that value and enhance your profitability. Pakkett reverse logistics professionals will work with you to re­acquire the value from unused, repaired or refurbished products. One source simplifies the process and maximizes the return.

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Planning, implementation and management of the reverse flow of products from the point of use to the point of origin.

Reverse Logistics Benefits
  • We capture value and  enhance profitability by remanufacturing, refurbishing and recycling products
  • Valuable assets can be recovered and delivered to you per project outline
  • Security is a top priority – wipe sensitive data
  • Ensure compliance with recycling legislation
  • Environmental responsibility
Pakkett Offers
  • Skilled technicians
  • No product or system is too big or too small
  • Testing capability per your requirement
  • Inventory and electronic waste stream management
  • Nearly 20 years experience
  • We are a certified electronic recycler
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