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Who we are

Pakkett was established in 2011 as Sunnking Logistics and shares a pedigree with Sunnking Inc. Sunnking is an award-­winning asset management and recovery firm and one of the leading electronic recycling firms in the Northeastern USA. The Pakkett name was created to better define our mission and to distinguish ourselves from sister company Sunnking. Pakkett’s reach is global with affiliates in both Europe and Asia. Pakkett serves clients large and small and our client list includes well-known Fortune 150 firms.
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Pakkett is headquartered in Brockport, New York, a vibrant village situated on the historic Erie Canal.  A major education center , Brockport is home to the College at Brockport of the State University of New York. The Village of Brockport is in the western part of Monroe County, west of the City of Rochester and located on NY Route 19, north of NY 31.  View Map of Brockport 

What we offer

As companies grow, so does the necessity for keeping technology up to date and working well in order to maintain efficiency. Pakkett helps simplify and streamline this process by offering technological kitting and reverse logistics.


Advanced systems hardware requires periodic maintenance to ensure flawless operation and reliability. Field upgrades keep your products current. Both are important to your business, but they aren’t your primary business.
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Reverse Logistics

Products and sub-­systems which have reached obsolescence or end-­of-­life continue to hold inherent value. Pakkett has the experience and skills to recover that value and enhance your profitability. Pakkett reverse logistics professionals will work with you to re-­acquire the value from unused, repaired or refurbished products. One source simplifies the process and maximizes the return.
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